Is Online Training  for me? Do you…

  • Full Online Program on your PC, Phone or Tablet. Take your workouts with you.
  • ​ 2 Follow-up Calls in the first month, then once per month after that to progress your program accordingly. 
  • Unlimited Email correspondence with your trainer.
  • Customized programs based on your ability level, training frequency,training duration & available equipment.
  • Programs are adjustable. Add or subtract exercises at any time. Even add in supplemental work for your golf game (i.e. Swing drills, putting drills,bunker drills, etc).
  • Online Training requires the In-Person Consultation/Assessment/Program Design

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Online Training

  • Get frustrated at how confusing it is to put together a training program that you can stick to?
  • Struggle to make improvements with your strength?
  • Scratch your head with the thought of how to improve your power?
  • Have an injury that you are concerned about making worse in the gym?
  • Get concerned about your health/fitness level especially as it pertains to your ability to maintain your overall activity level and specifically in your golf game?
  • Have nagging back pain or any other injury that keeps you from being active and playing golf?
  • Sit at home after an injury not knowing what you can do?
  • Get tired of people telling you that you will never be as fit and play golf like you use to?